Einsam – Samantics (2021)

From an exploration of touch to the division of the internal and external, Einsam is sure to get you hooked to his sound while really thinking about what he is saying. He continues his delve into deep topics that most of us overlook with the EP Samantics. Across four tracks, he considers ways of seeing and what we tend to focus on despite it not being what we should be looking at.

With each track looking at a different view, Einsam showcases his musical ability as he traverses genres and styles. From aggressive post-punk to melancholic grooves, he draws us into his thoughts and asks questions that linger in your brain for long after the EP has ended. An absolutely outstanding EP, it tells us why we are always so eager to hear what he has to offer.

The EP opens with the explosive sounds of ‘I Land’ that delves into self-discovery. The track really hits the ground running and opens the EP with a strong movement. The push that opens the melody drops for a softer feeling as the vocals enter. There are these great zips and zaps of synths through the verses that add texture to the soundscape. When the chorus hits, you are treated to the explosion of the opening all over again. The lyrics have a seriously reflective vibe to them which is a little at odds with the melody at times. This contrast in vocals and music adds power to the message and journey of self-discovery that has been artfully woven into the track.

‘At Eye Level’ swings you out of the rich synths of the opening track and into a post-punk groove. There is a thrumming rhythm in the low levels of the melody that has you moving to the melody before you can actively stop yourself. There is a slightly subterranean feeling to this track as it pulls you down into an urban underworld. As the track progresses, the tapping beats have you marching down the soundscape while subtly hypnotising you. As you head into the underworld through the music, the vocals bring an ultra-violet shine to the track while the lyrics dive into the need for representation in the world and the questioning that comes from a lack of it.

‘Tunnelvision’ offers a more organic feeling with the acoustic piano tones that wash through the opening. Einsam’s vocals bring you into the story of the lyrics with a delicate touch as he introduces the characters of the track. This all takes a grander turn with the epic surge of bass that swells from the depths and perfectly complements the grand piano. There is a rather theatrical edge to the track that brings a richness to the EP which is utterly stunning. As you are treated to the story of two sewer rats who want to escape their situation, a thread of darkness weaves its way around your heart. There is a desire to escape but the bass that shudders in the lower levels brings cloying darkness that seems to grab at you and pulls you back to where you were.

The EP comes to an end with ‘Turn It Over’ and the warbling of synths that draw you through the opening. This melodic line meets the vocals and creates a strange melancholy that you can’t help but float in. The warbling of the synths hovers over the shuffling beats casing the vocals between the melodic elements. Through the lyrics, there is a poetic consideration of creating and trying to create. It is a really beautiful look at this as it gently tempers the joy of creating something with the pain of it not going as you want. The rather spare instrumentation adds to the poignancy of the lyrics that pluck at your senses and leave you with the feeling that there is something much bigger at play.

Einsam dives into different ways of seeing things while touching on self-discovery, creativity, ambition and representation in the genre-defying Samantics. Each track has a unique feeling as it dives into a new topic while keeping something purely Einsam in it. While each track does get you thinking about what he has to say, they are beautiful in their own way while being deeply engaging.

Find out more about Einsam on his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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