Elephant Memoirs – Fairytales (2021)

Elephant Memoirs are back with their signature thunderous rhythms and unbreakable melodics in ‘Fairytales’. While the single is a nod to their last releases, there is something new to it as well. Wrapped up in what listeners have come to love about the band is a move forward to something that can only be described as more.

The band is made up of Barry Drew (drums), John Aspinall (vocals, guitar) and Carl Aspinall (bass, backing vocals). Since releasing their debut EP in 2015, they have been going from strength to strength with growing interesting in their explosive sound. During this time, they have performed multiple support slots and headlined their own shows.

‘Fairytales’ opens with John Aspinall’s vocals pulling you into the story of the lyrics. His voice has a soothing flow to it as he fills you with a strange sense of melancholy. The pounding movement of his voice as the song progresses is addictive and helps you get lost in the lyrics. The descriptive power of the lyrics combines with the emotional vocals for a really amazing sonic journey. You can almost see the stormy landscape the music evokes while you are hit in the centre of the chest with the heartbreak of the vocals. There is an amazing bitterness to the realisation that you have built a castle on the sand and everything is threatening to crash down.

While the vocals are utterly captivating on their own, the power of the melody pushes everything to another level. The thumping drums and infectious guitar lines create a sonic stormy ocean that hits against your senses. You are going to want to move to the music or you might just find your body doing its own thing without you realising. On the chorus, the pounding of the music marches against the soothing backing vocals that push you forward.

Elephant Memoirs use their thunderous sound to fill you with bitter heartbreak and stormy seas in their single ‘Fairytales’. From the thumping drums to the addictive vocals, the track will have you hooked to the story from start to finish. While inundating your senses with their descriptive powers, the music will get you moving without any conscious thought.

Find out more about Elephant Memoirs on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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