Elina Filice – Let’s Get Lost (2021)

Released during Pride Month, ‘Let’s Get Lost’ is an anthem by Elina Filice for anyone struggling to come to terms with who they are. While the single is a dancing pop celebration of the coming out experience, it touches on the joy of realising who you are and embracing this. A departure from her usual sound, the irresistible disco grooves pair with powerful lyrics for an uplifting journey of self-discovery.

While the single is different to her usual sound, Filice still infuses her attention-grabbing energy into each note. A strong advocate for queer rights and visibility, she views music as a powerful tool for the community and founded Red Vine Records. Recorded in her home studio, this single touches on her own experience coming out while offering a shoulder to lean on for anyone struggling with their own.

The deep beats and guitar that open ‘Let’s Get Lost’ draw you into the single before the softer tones of the first verse hit. There is a building feeling to the melody that travels from rather soothing to moving. The disco tones are woven into the bluesy vibes that Filice is better known for. The clapping tones in the background of the melody have your head moving and you feeling that you are not alone. There is a really light feeling to the melody that enhances the uplifting vibes of the single.

There is a vulnerable and tender feeling to her vocals as she traverses the feeling of discovering who you really are. On the chorus, she takes your hand and spins you around to the light tones of the melody while her vocals put a smile on your face. This light feeling dips for the next verse when insecurities rear their head and you are filled with the questioning of self-value that many people face. Through all of this, Filice embraces you in a friendly hug while letting you know you are not alone in these feelings and that you will be able to move past them.

Elina Filice works through insecurities that pave the journey of self-discovery before lifting you up in ‘Let’s Get Lost’. There is a tender and vulnerable feeling to the single that morphs into an uplifting anthem full of bright colours and soft vibes. Through the track, she lets you know that you are not alone in your struggles and that you will overcome them.

Find out more about Elina Filice on her Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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