Christian Prior – Why Should I Care? (2021)

Christian Prior is calling all of us to action with his single ‘Why Should I Care?’. While issuing this call, he also considers the apathy collectively affecting us while making some much needed social comments. Mixing electronic tones and synths with a jazzy acoustic influence, he challenges listeners to do something better in the world while acknowledging how we often look the other way when we should help.

The single was started years ago but got a new lease on life when he recently listened to it again. After re-recording the vocals and almost all the instruments, Prior transformed a dormant single into a delightful social comment. Bringing his love of various genres to his sound, he creates a vibrant style that brings the energy of his surroundings to the powerful vocals.

The soft opening of ‘Why Should I Care?’ brings the acoustic instrumentation to your ears. There is an interesting feeling to the melody as the higher tones lead you gently into the soundscape bolstered by the deeper beats while the synths throw you off balance. This is a wonderful sonic journey as you traverse the path you have always known only to be bumped and forced to pay attention to something outside your usual sights. As the song progresses, the melody slides into a jazzy vibe through the exquisite piano. Throughout the single, the instruments are allowed to shine before the pulses of the electronic notes grab you. It is an amazing movement from organic jazz to soaring electronic pop that is masterfully handled.

Resting above the melody are Prior’s vocals which start the single as delicately as the music. His performance opens with questioning about why he should care which is filled with the general apathy that plagues the world. As the piano takes hold, his vocals turn into a humming line that floats above the melodic movement. As the melody turns, his vocals edge to match them. With the electronic tones, his voice gains power and pushes at you through a layered approach. There is a lot resting in the vocals that make you think and consider your stance in the world.

Christian Prior is taking on the apathy many people feel and calling for us to change through the interesting tones of ‘Why Should I Care?’. Through the single, he masterfully blends jazz tones with powerful vocals and electronic elements. Wielding each instrument to perfection, Prior shows a mastery of skill and gets you rather addicted to his unique style.

Find out more about Christian Prior on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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