Gorran – We’ll Be Fine (2021)

Gorran is back with a powerful pop ballad that is sure to stir up your emotions. ‘We’ll Be Fine’ continues his distinctive sound and the purpose of his music. Encouraging listeners to feel something, he fills your ears with an undeniably catchy melody and vulnerable lyrics.

After spending the past few months writing and recording new material, he is ready to captivate you with a blend of chilled and alternative pop. Encouraged from a young age to embrace his passion and flair for music, Gorran attended the BRIT School where he developed his songwriting skills. Honing his sound with dynamic live shows, he has teamed up with renowned producer Martin Terefe and Grammy Award winning engineer Dyre Gormsen for his new releases.

The chilled opening of ‘We’ll Be Fine’ strums into your ears and has you relaxing into the soundscape. The opening of the melody is wonderfully stripped-back to the foundations which allows you to connect with the emotions of the vocals and lyrics. There is a light increase in instrumentation as the song progresses to create a tender softness that delicately wraps around you. In the second half of the track, an ethereal flow enters the higher levels of the single. This adds a fine mist to the single that has your spirit rising to meet it.

While the melody is chilled and delicate, Gorran’s vocals are emotive and vulnerable. There is a thread in his vocals that feels like it could break if you push too hard. This combines perfectly with the lyrics to form the emotional hit of the track. Through the lyrics, he acknowledges the emotional turmoil many people have felt while offering a helping hand to get out of the turbulence. By the end of the single, he has you sure that you can get through and that everything is going to be fine.

With delightful delicacy and vulnerable vocals, Gorran stirs up emotions while letting you know that there is light at the end of the tunnel in ‘We’ll Be Fine’. The melody has a stripped-back feeling that enhances the moving vocals. Through his performance, he touches on sadness and emotional turmoil before fortifying you and leading you to something better.

Find out more about Gorran on his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok and Spotify.

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