Elison – Meet Me Halfway (2021)

During the Covid-19 pandemic lockdowns, many people started to pursue interests they did not have time for previously. One of these people is US-based singer-songwriter, Marissa Kephart. Add established multi-instrumentalist Scott Yoshimura and you have indie-pop duo Elison. While Yoshimura has over two decades of experience in the music industry, Elison was formed in 2020/2021 making the pair relative newbies in the music scene. Yet, despite their newbie status, they have featured in notable blogs like Music For The Misfits, Sinusoidal Music, Talk About Pop Music, Clout and Less Than 1000 Followers attaining global recognition. The latest single is ‘Meet Me Halfway’.

Inspired by the likes of Dinosaur Jr, My Bloody Valentine, Sparklehorse and Slow Pulp, one would imagine a rather innovative sound from the duo, and that is exactly what you get. Their debut single ‘Meet Me Halfway’ is upbeat, buoyant and jovial but with a sense of melancholy about the track. Recorded and produced in Yoshimura’s home studio, ‘Meet Me Halfway’ fuses dynamic guitars with steady drums and keyboards throughout the sonic tapestry. While the producer has many years of skill, it is the polished execution of Kephart’s rich inexperienced vocals that is astounding.

The flowing melody is attention-grabbing in itself, but it is the underlying meaning that shows true depth. As I mentioned, the song has a melancholic quality, however, the personal narrative leans toward an empowering tune. Elison shares that ‘Meet Me Halfway is “…about leaving unhealthy relationships behind. The track pulls you in with its immersive atmospheric mood, then propels you forward with its consistent driving motion. It’s both powerful and hopeful in messaging.”

Kaleidoscopic in many ways, Elison has created a track filled with tenderness, insightfulness and nostalgic reflection. Kephart’s vocals enhance the poignancy of ‘Meet Me Halfway’ adding a sense of sincerity to the honest track. My favourite part has to be the ending with Kephart singing the catchy last lines of the song, “meet me halfway” without instrumentation. It has a forcefulness in its soft tone that resonates and leaves you spellbound. I cannot wait for more from this talented duo.

In addition to the single, Elison released an official music video for ‘Meet Me Halfway’. Please note: this video uses strobe-like lighting effects and can trigger seizures in people with photosensitive epilepsy. Viewer discretion is advised.


For more from Elison check out their Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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