Elizabeth Lucy – Didn’t See It Coming (2021)

Breakups can bring a well of conflicting emotions from anger to sadness and everything in between. The full spectrum of emotions have been captured by Elizabeth Lucy in her single ‘Didn’t See It Coming’. Through the tones of the single, she provides a cathartic exploration of mixed feelings following the end of a relationship.

Making use of her choral background, Lucy expresses a range of emotions through her vocals and the heavily layered melodies of her songs. While she started posting song sketches online as a teenager, she has progressed to full releases that showcase just what she has to offer. With a more indie style, this track will tie you in the knots of emotion while helping you unravel your feelings at the same time.

‘Didn’t See It Coming’ opens with layered vocals that hit you with a wonderful choral vibe. The use of the vocals alone is effective at drawing you into the emotions of the track. There is a mellow vibe to the vocals in the opening that is a little at odds with the lyrics. This contrast continues throughout the single even as the melody takes a more RnB vibe. As you listen, you are filled with the sadness of a relationship breaking down only to get a burst of anger in the second verse and sink into slight regret. Each emotion is linked to relatable lyrics that everyone can connect with in some way.

The deep beats of the music bolster the light piano notes. There is a layered approach to the music with each element weaving together for a solid melody. There is a great RnB slide to the music that is groovy and deep. While there is a richness to the music, there is also a slice of indie to it as the track pulls at your emotions.

Elizabeth Lucy takes you on a journey through the spectrum of emotions you feel after a breakup in ‘Didn’t See It Coming’. While the mellow RnB melody fills you with rich tones, the vocals and lyrics tug at your heartstrings. Through the single, you are filled with sadness, anger, frustration and regret as you work through them to come out better at the end.

Find out more about Elizabeth Lucy on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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