Ellie Madeland – Out of Nowhere (2021)

With her debut solo single ‘Out of Nowhere’, Ellie Madeland has listeners drifting on a sea of synths while ethereal vocals float above. Adding a folk touch to the track, she brings a new edge to her sound which was honed as part of the duo Island Empire. The chilled and dreamy tones of the track drift through your senses and have you luxuriating in the sound.

While on hiatus from Island Empire during the pandemic, Madeland started to collaborate remotely with producer and multi-instrumentalist Gentle Williams. The basis for this debut single was born from an instrumental idea Williams had on his computer. After Madeland heard it, the music flourished and turned into the dreamy, folky and smooth sound we hear today.

The light plucked tones of an acoustic guitar draw you into the gentle lapping of ‘Out of Nowhere’. There is such a tender and delicate feeling to the melody that you want to close your eyes and rest back into it. While the guitar laps against your ears, airy ambient synths breathe across the soundscape. This brings a dreamy feeling to the song like you are hanging in the space between awake and asleep. As the song progresses, the bed of synths becomes richer with sighing tones and rolling mists that bring a slight chill to the air. it is a relatively minimalistic melody that is also undeniably rich and deep.

Hovering over the melody is Madeland’s vocals that reach out from the depths toward you. Her voice calls to something deep in your soul like the fingers of fog before they are burnt away by the sun. The lulling movement of her performance enhances the dreamy feeling of the single while bringing a slightly folky edge to the track. As you listen to her sing, you can feel the stresses of the world lift off your shoulders. Her vocals are ethereal as they haunt the soundscape and pull you ever further under her spell.

Ellie Madeland has you resting on a sea of gentle tones, lulling ethereal vocals and relaxing synths in her debut single ‘Out of Nowhere’. The melody is both rich and minimalistic as it has you luxuriating in the gentle sounds. Her vocals rise from the waters of the music to lull you into a state of total relaxation that allows the lyrics to sink into your skin.

Find out more about Ellie Madeland on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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