Hybrid Kid – Dabble (2021)

Hybrid Kid is a band that are never far off our radar as they have impressed with all their previous releases including ‘Fallout’ and ‘Coming Round Again’. This is one of the reasons why we were excited to hear their latest offering ‘Dabble’ that has us bouncing off the walls with their edgy sound. With their usual punch of rock sensibilities, they bring an edge of being cooped up for too long to a touch of hysteria.

If you are looking for a single that perfectly captures the twitchy feeling of being inside for too long, this is probably the track that you need. Using a flair of outstanding guitars and dynamic melodic movements, the band lets you know why they are ones you should be as addicted to as we are. Whether you are a firm fan or hearing the band for the first time, this track is one that will hook you to their sound while getting you bouncing around.

‘Dabble’ pulses into your senses with a burst of guitars in the opening. The infectious feeling of the single comes through from the first note that has you wanting to jump around. This is covered in dynamic movements of twinkling tones that are like the sun shining through the window. The layering of the melody is a great sonic representation of feeling constrained inside for too long with the pulses of the guitars acting as the urge to move and get out. This is tempered by the higher tones that are the moments of peace that come and let you know that everything is alright. Through all of this, the melody insinuates itself in your muscles and coils them for movement.

While you are bouncing around to the melody, the vocals ride the melodic movements for a swirl of thoughts. There is an interesting feeling to the vocals as they are both easy and toeing the line of hysterical. You feel like they could go a little crazy at any moment or they could calm down for a slump of bodies on the couch. The emotions stirred by the vocals are a perfect match for the melody and come together for another addictive single. Later in the track, there is a roll of vocals that is so catchy you are going to be calling out with them as you bounce around.

Hybrid Kid has you bouncing around, singing along and thoroughly enjoying yourself to the punchy and borderline hysterical tones of ‘Dabble’. The melody works its way into your muscles getting them ready for movement at a moments notice. The vocals ride the energy of the music while offering the edge of hysteria that taps on the back of your brain.

Find out more about Hybrid Kid on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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