Ellis Newman – Love to Cry (2021)

Many people find a good cry to be rather cathartic but is not only good for releasing sadness as tears of joy are also common. While crying is often a natural reaction, the display of emotion can be viewed as a weakness and this is something that Ellis Newman is looking to overcome. With her single ‘Love to Cry’, she shows the world that it is okay to be emotional and to embrace the liberation that tears can bring.

A rather eclectic pop track, the single highlights the strength that can be found in a supposed weakness. Drawing on her own feelings and experiences regarding emotions, she wraps them in authentic lyrics and danceable beats. Using music as a way to escape the stresses of daily life, she invites you into her sanctuary for a short reprieve.

‘Love to Cry’ lightly pulls you into the soundscape before the low levels of the melody swell and lap against your ears. The pop beats get your head moving when they enter while the electronic tones blink and sweep over you. This all comes to a danceable head on the chorus that makes you want to bounce around to it. The melody is a rather interesting mixture of different pop sub-genres that come together for a really engaging movement.

Newman’s vocals match the lightness of the melody in the opening. The lyrics are a gentle exploration of finding a calm moment for yourself before the chorus pulses. When the chorus hits, you are caught up in the really catchy vocals while the lyrics show the strength of being emotional. This strength continues to shine through the rest of the single. There is a really catchy movement to the vocals that make you want to sing along to them and embrace the emotions you feel. Through the song, Newman fills you with strength and understanding of yourself.

Ellis Newman embraces emotion and fills you with the strength that is found in expressing your emotions in ‘Love to Cry’. The catchy single has you bouncing to the beat while washing you with an understanding of the power of emotions. Through the song, you are led to the knowledge that crying is not a weakness and is sometimes the best thing you can do.

Find out more about Ellis Newman on her Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok and Spotify.

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