Hillary Anne – Supergirls (2021)

Set in a time before COVID-19, ‘Supergirls’ is a single packed with fun, lively energy and recklessness. Hillary Anne shows a little of her rock side with the track which was created as a female response to the Thin Lizzy track ‘The Boys are Back in Town’. With an upbeat vibe and dancing energy, the single brings being young and reckless to sonic life with a hint of darkness.

Drawing on the lyrical stylings of contemporary artists and layering it over a melody packed with 80s vibes, Anne fills you with a thirst for life and youthful energy. With a unique sound, she focuses on breaking barriers with her music whether they are cultural or racial. Using a universal sound that everyone can enjoy, she lets you have fun without fear of judgement.

The fun vibes of the track slowly sink into you through the progressive opening of ‘Supergirls’. There is a subtle 80s tone to the melody that is wrapped in modern synth notes. The moving beats of the track creep up on you and move your shoulders before you even realise they are there. There is an almost neon feeling to the music that shines against your eyelids and paint the picture of partying through the night. A fun and upbeat melody, it does not shake your centre but does fill you with a lively energy that leaves you feeling satisfied.

Anne’s vocals are like wind whipping through your hair as you speed down a street with the windows open. Through the flow of her performance, you get a taste of youthful recklessness. There are echoing harmonisations that create the sense of a crowd of friends having a blast. At times, her vocals are all smooth pop only to fall into a dance vibe that throws you into a club with pulsing lights. The lyrics pick up the picture of the melody and give you the flesh of a night spent out on the town.

Hillary Anne fills you with a lively energy that throws you into days spend painting the town red with friends in ‘Supergirls’. The light touch of 80s vibes melds with the modern tones for a neon brushed melody. Her vocals are a shining energy that whips past you and continues to fill you with the fun and upbeat vibes of the single.

Find out more about Hillary Anne on her Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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