Em George – Wolves (2020)

Based in Sydney, Em George is a singer-songwriter known for her introspective and lyrical music. Weaving folk and pop melodies, she was a finalist in the 2017 International Songwriters Competition. She is now following up her acclaimed debut with the EP Wolves.

The EP has five original songs that display a new scope to her sound. There is a direct clarity and confidence in all the tracks that showcase her signature style. The sound is more mature and each song is a pleasure to listen to.

‘Fight’ is the lead single from the EP and leads you in with a light melody. The track explores human relationships and the subtle search for light in moments of darkness. The vocals and lyrics are honest and heartfelt. George’s vocal performance is powerful and beautiful as it soars over the melody and through you.

‘Wolves’ has a darker feel to the opening with a gentle but driving guitar opening that leads to a more folk-rock beat. There is a great play between the drums and guitar on this track creating this interesting melody to raise the vocals. The combination of elements on this song draws you in and keep you listening.

‘Light Comes In’ has a haunting thread in the opening that leads you to darker lyrics. There is a depth in the vocals of this song that make you think of creeping fog and something lurking in the corner of your eye. The lyrics are captivating and force you to listen to every perfectly performed word. The slower pace and epic vibe of this track make it my favourite on the EP. There are moments where George’s vocals soar higher which just adds something amazing to the song.

‘America’ has a bluesy folk vibe to it that works well with the somewhat melancholic tone of the song. The driving and solid beat of the track compliments the introspective lyrics. George’s emotive vocals are confident and smooth as she stirs your emotions. There is so much emotion in this song that it tugs at your heart and makes you want to close your eyes and absorb it all.

The last song on the EP is ‘Open Road’ which has a different feel to it. The production has this vintage vibe with an almost live sound to it. The fact that the song is only an acoustic guitar and George’s vocals make this a beautiful track. It also showcases her ability to captivate with her vocals alone. It is the perfect way to end this wonderful EP.

Em George uses her signature introspective style and confident performance to mesmerise with her new EP Wolves. Each track offers something unique, but they all cut to a deeper message and leave you swimming in emotion.

Find out more about Em George on her Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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