Parallax Skies – Judith (2020)

Formed from the fumes of North East stalwarts, Parallax Skies is looking to differentiate themselves while engaging and delighting audiences. Andy Brown (vocals, guitar), George Stainsby (guitar), Ian T Hall (guitar), Paul Rookes (bass) and Marty Hayes (drums) released their debut EP which led to sold-out gigs. To maintain the momentum from their previous single, they have released their second of the year ‘Judith’.

The song is all about the romanticism of childhood memories. The track considers how you forget the rough edges over the years and look back on a polished version of your own experiences. While the song takes a different look at memories, the band is also helping the Newcastle West End Foodbank by donating all proceeds from the track.

‘Judith’ opens with a driving drum rhythm that gets you tapping to the beat. This leads to a wonderful guitar work that sets the melody of the song. The melody is nostalgia-tinged and evokes memories of 80s alternative rock. This is a wonderful melodic device that works so well with the theme and message of the track.

Brown’s vocal performance is powerful with a bittersweet edge to it. The lyrical imagery in the single helps you build a clear picture of the sharp edges of memories being removed while being really catchy. The chorus has this great drive to it that will get you singing along.

Parallax Skies hit you with a nostalgia bomb on their single ‘Judith’ using 80s rock melodies and lyrical imagery. The song is easy to listen to and you will be shocked when it comes to an end. Definitely a track that you can have on your favourite playlist.

Find out more about Parallax Skies on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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