Paul Alexander Low – Hell Yeah (2020)

Proposing to someone can be a daunting experience as you never really know what the answer is going to be. Paul Alexander Low is using his own experience of this as the basis for his latest single ‘Hell Yeah’. Using his thoughts about what his fiancée’s reaction would be, he has created an upbeat and lively folk song for you to enjoy.

Low has been playing the guitar since age 16 and has written music with platinum-selling songwriters and supported chart-topping acts over the years. Now, he is ready to let his own sound loose on the world. His music draws on emotions that we can all relate to including hope, fear, passion and love.

‘Hell Yeah’ hits you with the upbeat vibe from the first note. The melody has this lively beat to it that you can’t help but move to. While there is this energy to the beat, there is also something very easy and chilled about it. The shuffling beats and guitar notes smoothly lead you through the song and help you get lost in the melody. The chorus does have a slight burst of energy to match with the vocals.

Low’s vocals are smooth and have this light vibe to them. They drape over the moving melody like a soft cloth. He draws you into the story of the lyrics and the emotions of the tale. There is a sense of hesitation and nervousness to his performance before a burst of joy on the chorus. The emotions in his vocals match perfectly with the melodic arrangement of the song to bolster your reaction to everything.

Paul Alexander Low works through the emotions of proposing and the uncertainty of the reaction in ‘Hell Yeah’. While the song swings from nervousness to joy, there is this lively beat that fills you with good vibes.

Find out more about Paul Alexander Low on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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