Apollo Junction – Mystery (2019)

Image courtesy of Apollo Junction

Apollo Junction is an electro-rock and roll band from Leeds, UK. They take influence from New Order, U2, The Cure, and Daft Punk. They have songs featured on MTV’s US reality show Are You The One and in the movie The Big Promise. They’ve also received radio play on Good Morning TV, MTV, E4, ITV Calendar News and BBC: Look North. Here we’re going to review their latest album, Mystery.

The album starts with the track ‘Begin’. It has synth sounds and guitar riffs which are soon followed by the vocals. It’s about looking at the sky and the stars making you think of space when mentioning the sky, lights and world. It has a very 80s sound to it but with a rock twist. The track ‘In Your Arms’ begins with a catchy drum beat, guitar riffs and great vocals. The song is about someone he loved. It sounds like he was hurt and maybe has a broken heart. It has great riffs, exceptional vocals and a catchy beat.

‘Paris’ begins with piano instrumentation with the words, ‘we walk the line’ on repeat. The beat kicks in and the vocals are great. He sings about someone who has cheated and lied to him. He seems really hurt about it and also he sings about dancing in Paris. It has a great rock beat and a good bass line.

The track ‘This Could Be The Day’ begins with great guitar riffs, then a drumbeat kicks in. The vocals are great and it has a nice strong bassline with an 80s rock sound. ‘Born For Now’ uses synth sounds at the beginning followed shortly by vocals. It has strong guitar riffs and I think it’s a bit heavier than the previous tracks.

‘All My Life’ starts with vocals where he sings about a girl who has waited for this moment all her life. He also sings about how waited for her. It has a great bassline, guitar riffs and is a very catchy rock song.

‘Lost Ones’ is a heavy rock song with scorching guitar riffs. It has heavy drums, a strong bassline, great vocals, but it’s a love song. He sings about not knowing what to do but wanting to be by her side. The track ‘If I Fell’ starts with vocals and piano. He sings about a girl he has feelings for and how he knocks on her door wanting to see her. This is a slow rock song with gentle guitar riffs and beautiful backing vocals.

Overall, the album is an outstanding rock album with an 80s twist. It is a great listen with gentle rock songs. A person can kick back and relax to Mystery, but it also has heavier stuff to rock out to.

You can discover more music from Apollo Junction on their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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