enFp-T – The Bridle Walk (2020)

Are you looking for a chilled summer tune with relatable lyrics and stand-out vocals? ‘The Bridle Walk’ by enFp-T might just be the song that you want to add to your playlist. The chill RnB vibe of the song melds with lyrics that any romantic person can connect with. While incorporating a little melancholy into the proceedings, the single considers how different this summer is to last year.

Aaron Sum, the man behind the music, started enFp-T earlier this year after experimenting with instrumental production. He realised that he could do more and wanted to use thought-provoking and relatable songs to unashamedly share his thoughts and feelings. Standing as a figure of male sensitivity, romance and introspection, he uses honesty and good vibes to get his message across.

His vocals hit you from the first moment of ‘The Bridle Walk’. The smooth RnB flow of his performance is velvety against your ears. The melodic runs of his vocals are a pleasure to listen to and the understated melody elevate his performance. The melody of the track is light and lurks below the surface as the vocal performance is the focus of the track.

As the vocals are the focus, you are able to listen to and connect with the lyrics very easily. While the song is short, there is a lot packed into the lyrics. You are taken through the emotions of different people throughout the song. The emotions of the lyrics shine in the vocal performance which rises and falls to drive the message and melody home.

‘The Bridle Walk’ by enFp-T is an unashamed single full of melodic vocal runs and understated melodies that are easy to listen to. This short track is relatable, thought-provoking and really fun to listen to. It is a short burst of buttery harmonies that pick up your day to a chill vibe.

Find out more about enFp-T on his Instagram and Spotify.

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