Omi Lee – Exotic Spaces (2020)

Getting caught up in a memory is very easy, particularly when you are musing on the emotions that memory evokes. This is what Omi Less looks at in her latest single ‘Exotic Spaces’. She considers leaning on memories when reality no longer feels like it is enough. While the inspiration of the track is romantic in nature, the song relates to any time memories are used to escape reality.

Omi Lee (vocals, guitar, synths) is joined by her brother Gary Wilkinson (drums, guitar) and life-long friend Darren Frigon (bass). They have been playing music together in some form for years, but are now creating all-new music for Lee. This single uses dream-pop to create the moody haze that complements the subject matter.

The guitar opening of the single complete with crashing cymbals builds up the song and leads you to Lee’s ethereal vocals. The melody creates the grounding of reality in the song at times while moulding the dreamscape at others. There is a dreamy quality to the plucky notes that rise and fall with the vocals. Overall, the melody holds steady to create a solid foundation for the vocal performance.

The haziness of the dreamscape is created primarily by Lee’s vocals. Her voice is airy and floats across your ears as she looks at getting lost in memories. The interplay between her airy vocals and the stable melody is a great vehicle for the lyrics and message of the song. It looks at idealizing memories and holding onto them when you maybe should not.

The airy vocal performance of Omi Lee combines with the stability of the melodic elements in ‘Exotic Spaces’ to create a wonderful dream-pop track. The different elements in the arrangement work together to drive the message of the lyrics and grab your attention.

Find out more about Omi Lee on her Instagram and Spotify.

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