The Hilder – Lost on You (2021)

When a relationship breaks down it can be hard to see a way to move on and past the pain this causes. This is where The Hilder comes in to help with their debut single ‘Lost on You’. With a rock tone that wastes no time getting started, the band works through a breakup and gathers the inspiration needed to move forward from the experience.

Having only come together last year, Matty Jackman, Sam Parsons, Danny Jackman and Ryan Downey have hit the ground running. With their guitar-driven sound and catchy lyrics, they will have you rocking out to their sound and eagerly waiting for more. Drawing on influences including Johnny Marr, Arctic Monkeys and the Bottlemen, they add something uniquely them to mould their engaging sound.

‘Lost on You’ opens with a blast of rock guitars that push you into the soundscape. There is an expansive feeling to the melody that reaches through you and out into the ether. As it pulls you into flying on the lines of the guitars and drums, the music gets you tapping and bopping to its rhythm. Through all of this, there is a light feeling to the music that gives you a sense of hope for the future. It has the ability to lift the sadness and dark thoughts off your shoulders and help you breathe a little easier.

While you ride the currents of the melody, the vocals are smooth and rich. As the melody draws you into the soundscape, the vocals effortlessly pull you into the story of the track. The lyrics fill you with the drop in your stomach from a breakup and the lost feeling that can follow as you struggle to move on. The chorus helps you let go through the catchy lyricism that you have to sing along to. There is a slightly contrasting feeling to the vocals as they help you move forward but still delve into the sadness and pain of a breakup.

The Hilder hit the ground running with the catchy lyrics and foot-tapping melody of their debut single ‘Lost on You’. The band combines all the best elements of indie rock with their rich and warm sound to delve into pain, heartbreak and moving forward. Through the single, they touch on the lost feeling that comes after a breakup while the melody fills you with a sense of light at the end of the tunnel.

Find out more about The Hilder on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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