Enid – Paracosmic Collision (2022)

Enid has a way of contrasting delicate touches with the darkness that hides in the far recesses of reality. This is something that really shines through their first EP Paracosmic Collision, which uses original compositions to bring the world of symbolism and darkness together. Ethereal, yet disturbing, Enid’s music covers the entire spectrum of life as they bring important concepts to poetic lyricism.

Fusing the musical sparks of Nawal, Pascal, Alex, Mathieu and Bruno, this EP really showcases what they have to offer and could easily be played on repeat. With an ability to take you far away from your present surroundings, their music is touching in a thoughtful yet extremely emotional way. If you are looking for the EP that is sure to be your next obsession, this just might be the one for you.

‘And I’ opens the EP with a bright tone that sweeps through your senses. The melody combines a steady indie rock drum with the blinking lights of the higher tones and wavy middle. While the melody seems to be stripped into distinct layers, they all come together to form the path the single urges you to walk down. As you traverse this melodic path, Nawal’s vocals draw you into their catchy movement. The lyrics bring the first hit of the balance of light and dark that characterises the band’s music. At times, she confronts you with the obstacles of life, only to turn your attention to the light at the end of the tunnel. Woven into the lyrics is a rather powerful message that shimmers beautifully if you take the time to really look into it.

A lively energy shines through ‘Dream Within a Dream’ that has you lightly rocking out to the movement. The tumbling of the drums meets the guitars that hover in the higher layers. The vocals have a slightly retro vibe to them that sends you back in time, while also drawing you into a nebulous feeling of being in a dream within a dream. This feeling is enhanced in the chorus as the instrumentation comes together for a slightly dark dreamy flow. The vocal performance is outstanding on this track as you are set on a dreamy flow, only to be tugged to the side by the dip in delivery, for a slightly darker feeling. While there are the hints of darkness woven into the track, it is the lyrics that really bring the contrasts of the single to life.

‘Love is a Sickness’ brings a completely different feeling to the EP with an almost eery warble to the opening. There is a slightly churning feeling to the music that has you tumbling around the soundscape and grabbing onto the powerful vocals for an anchor. It is a wonderful melodic arrangement that perfectly captures and portrays the turbulent emotions of the single. The vocals are a steady line that stands strong against the vibrations of the melody. The balance of the band comes through this interplay of vocals and melody. The melody acts as the darkness that threatens to overwhelm you, while the vocals are the steady platform that allows you to withstand the crash of the musical waves. It is a captivating single that you can easily get lost in as you allow it to wash over you.

A rock tone takes over for ‘Runaway Girl’, but this has a grounded slightly acoustic feeling to it. Through the music, the band invokes the imagery of long open roads leading you away from the problems of your past. While there is a draw to this open road, the vocals bring a bittersweet edge to the track, playing trepidation against the freedom offered. The complete change in style and tone for this track really showcases the versatility of the band. The vocals rise to an almost ethereal flow on the chorus while keeping the earthy tether of alternative rock. Later in the track, the vocals layer and overlap beautifully, adding a new texture to the track that is an absolute pleasure to listen to.

‘Part Again’ has an easy-going feeling to the opening that gets you bopping away before you know what you are doing. There is a warm touch to the music that has you riding some light feelings into the slightly retro chorus. Calling out to you over this warm vibe are the vocals that add to the good vibes, while also bringing a hint of something more. Throughout the single, the easy vibes of the melody bring a bright light to the track and put a small smile on your face. This is a delightful contrast to the take of the lyrics that slowly move from happiness to something a little more bittersweet. This is an undeniably engaging single that is lighter and brighter than the other tracks on the EP.

The EP comes to an end with ‘To Little or Not Purpose’ which slowly flows into your senses. The delicate touch of the initial notes flows into a richer melodic line that urges you forward into the song. The vocals twirl around this rich melodic line, grabbing your hand and pulling you with them. Everything rises on the chorus as the melody soars upward, taking the vocals along for the ride. There is a floating feeling to the single that has you suspended in a strange moment where you are unsure which way to go. It is a great way to close the EP as the track offers a softer touch that eases you back into the real world after the journeys of the other tracks.

Across the tracks of Paracosmic Collision, Enid balances light and dark while showcasing the versatility of the sound and musical prowess. Each track has a completely different feeling while retaining the balancing act that the band is so good at. Blending retro tones with genre-defying flows and vocals that range from ethereal to earthy, the band has a little something for everyone.

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