Track of the Day: Tori Boltwood – Wicked Woman

From her single ‘Cry Baby’ to ‘Stay On The Moon’, we have followed singer-songwriter Tori Boltwood closely. Melding her classically trained voice with indie music, the US-based artist brings an edginess to the masses with her eclectic style. In addition to us singing her praises, Boltwood has been featured on international blogs such as Roadie Music, Pop Fad Blog, Motion News and many more.

Inspired by the personal struggle of being born with a heart disease, Boltwood has an appreciation for life and hardly settles for giving up on her dreams. She is described as being a “Heart Hero” instilling a warrior-like passion in music, compassion for others, and embracing what makes life meaningful – all of which are shared with her unique music. An aim of writing music to inspire and empower people, Boltwood’s songs are filled with hopefulness and positivity, but not always in that soft ballad-esque style. No, her tracks are fierce and have that whole independent woman attitude. The latest fiery force is seen (or rather heard) in ‘Wicked Woman’.

The third single released in 2022, ‘Wicked Woman’ follows the well-received song ‘Stay On The Moon’. Soft and soothing, ‘Stay On The Moon’ has a heartfelt, tender attitude; however, she picks up the beat with ‘Wicked Woman’. While one might consider the track a Jessie J contemporary pop style, Boltwood’s uniqueness is distinctive. Blending a smooth RnB feel into the contemporary pop sound, ‘Wicked Woman’ showcases Boltwood’s innovativeness as an artist.

Laidback and soft, there is an easiness to ‘Wicked Woman’; however, the “in your face” vibes belie her tender vocals. While the melody can have you clicking your fingers and tapping your toe, it is Boltwood’s obscure voice that really makes the track. Merging her classically trained voice with a gruffness makes the track both enchanting with rough edges. I find this intriguing as it aligns with the original concept of feeling frustrated when faced with disrespect; however, Tori Boltwood explains that the song ultimately made her “lose sight of the bitter feelings and feel proud of the woman I am today despite the words and mistreatment of others.” – I told you she was empowering.

For more from Tori Boltwood check out her Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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