Estella Dawn – Buzzcut (2022)

The dating world is filled with ‘chameleon daters’ who change their style and tastes to fit the person they are dating. Estella Dawn is turning this concept on its head with her single ‘Buzzcut’. In a world where many people shift into new moulds for those around them, Dawn considers staying true to who you are and holding your unique shape when starting a new relationship.

A single packed with encouragement, she lets us know that we don’t have to stifle the flair that makes us who we are to suit another person’s expectations. This single continues the purposeful messaging of Dawn’s music which packs an injection of confidence and empowerment. Spanning multiple genres, she showcases her musical skills while musing on her reflections on life.

‘Buzzcut’ has a soulful and smooth RnB feeling to the opening. The pulse of the soft tones is a wonderful contrast to the toe-tapping beats that thump and softly chime. This movement twirls into a moving melody that has you wanting to spin on the dancefloor. There is a sweltering heat to the melody that warms your soul as it moves from smooth soul and RnB to a dancing almost Latin vibe. The clap to the melody adds to the dancing movement. It is a wonderful composition that slides with heat, only to get you moving to the rhythm without a care in the world. The plucked guitar tones that come later are a wonderful addition that changes up some of the melodic movement, before everything drops for a shushed shiver of heat.

As the melody pulses with soft tones, Dawn’s vocals enter on a high note, showcasing the range of her voice. This drops for a punch of contemporary RnB as her vocals build the energy of the single. Through the opening verse, she is unapologetic, is who she is, and asks whether the person she is dating is able to handle this. As the heat from the melody makes its way into your soul, her vocals twirl you around and lead you into an intimate dance. There is a catchy flow to her performance, particularly on the chorus that makes you want to sing along. Later in the track, she heads back to the high notes before layering over herself with a really wonderful soulful and almost bluesy vibe.

Estella Dawn has you moving to the heat of her single ‘Buzzcut’, while staying true to who you are when starting a new relationship. The melody is packed with seductive heat that shivers through you and draws you into the track. Dawn’s vocals are smooth and bluesy as they pick up the heat of the melody and mould it into an irresistible dance.

Find out more about Estella Dawn on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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