Ethan Mugglestone – Last Chance (2021)

Combining influences, musical styles and preferred genres, singer-songwriter Ben Pratt and songwriter/producer Ethan Mugglestone, ‘Last Chance’ is emotive, exquisite and enchanting. But, who are these lads from the UK? Let me introduce you…or at least give you some more information regarding them.

At the heart of the Midlands music scene, both Mugglestone and Pratt have built reputations for engaging sounds. With his in-depth lyricism and innovative songwriting, Mugglestone has transcended the critical description of his music as “pop perfect” and “chart-worthy” to create something far more unique. Add the passionate soloist Ben Pratt and you have a recipe for success.

Embracing music at a young age where he began learning the trombone at age 9, Pratt has an interest in various genres ranging from funk to orchestral and gospel music. A diverse artist, he has performed with concert bands, marching bands, big bands and even in musical theatre. No wonder his inspirational sound melds effortlessly with Ethan Mugglestone.

Now that you have a simple summary of the artists, let’s take a look at ‘Last Chance’. Exploring the issue of a broken relationship, ‘Last Chance’ shares an impassioned talk of love and loss. Using a narrative of heartbreak, Pratt takes on a personal tale exposing his vulnerability, insecurity and deep desire to regain the beauty he lost. Of course, it is not only the rich vocals and delicate execution that make the song captivating but Mugglestone’s simplistic piano completely enchants your senses.

Reflective and nostalgic with a sense of melancholic insight, ‘Last Chance’ takes a look at one’s soul in both melody and lyricism. As I mentioned, Pratt’s rich vocals expose vulnerability, but it is the melding of his dulcet tones and the tender instrumentation that enhances the track’s intensity. Showing that no “bells and whistles” are required to overwhelm a listener, ‘Last Chance’ has a basicness that increases its poignancy.

What I find particularly intriguing about ‘Last Chance’ is not the gut-wrenching feeling when listening to it but how it finds a balance between maturity and innocence. Walking the delicate line between understanding of what is going to happen and naivety of what could be regained, the lads have a sonic representation of human fragility. I also find the piano outro with a simple “plink plonk” to be spine-chilling, but then again the entire song can have you in tears without much effort.

For more from Ethan Mugglestone check out his Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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