Sonderminds – Blindfolds (2021)

There are some things in life that you know you shouldn’t be doing but always seem to fall back into. For some people, this could be a bad relationship and for others a bad lifestyle choice. Regardless, Sonderminds has taken this and turned it into his single ‘Blindfolds’. While the single tackles being stuck in something you shouldn’t do, it draws you into the moments when you wing things and see where they go.

While this single has a darker and heavier tone than his past releases, it retains the passion and honesty that threads into all his music. After Paul Piper’s last band ended and his urge to create remained, he formed Sonderminds. While he writes all the music, he has roped in his friends Roz Cuthbert and Sam Kennedy to help with the drums and synths.

The opening of ‘Blindfolds’ pulls you in with a rippling tone and smooth slide. There is a darkness in the melody that you can’t really deny and it is utterly wonderful. The music has a slick slide that is like shadows flitting in the corners of your eyes. The creeping vibes of the melody lead you forward with a hypnotic power before you are sent tumbling forward by a push of instrumentation. It is a really enthralling melody that pulls you deeper under its spell the longer you listen.

The creeping darkness of the melody gets an ally in Sonderminds’ vocals. His voice has a sight gruffness to it that adds an edge to the twilight slides of the melody. The darkness of his performance brings some heaviness to the track and a rather ominous feeling. You can feel the bad decisions woven into the lyrics and the reckless spiral that often follows winging a decision in the dark.

Sonderminds slides through your senses with a creeping darkness that is enthralling and completely captivating in ‘Blindfolds’. The melody is all creeping twilight and shifting shadows while the vocals bring a heavy ominous vibe before a reckless freefall. Every aspect of the single is a delight to listen to and you can easily have the single playing on repeat.

Find out more about Sonderminds on his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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