Edgar Allan Poets – Clepsydra (2021)

Crossing our virtual desks a few times in the past, The Other Side Reviews is no stranger to Edgar Allan Poets (read our reviews here). While some bands who constantly contact us can become annoying, I would happily listen to this band any time of day or night. So, what do they have for us now? May we introduce their latest single ‘Clepsydra’. Hang on, what if you aren’t acquainted with this noir rock duo; here’s a little bit of an intro.

Melding elements of classical, grunge and melodic metal, Edgar Allan Poets is a beautiful assault on the senses. Founded by Italian singer-songwriter Chris Mariotti and Nordic drummer The Shadow, the US-based artists are innovative, unique and highly intriguing. Featured on Indie Band Guru, Havoc Underground, Music Brainz, Sound Sphere Magazine and numerous online radio stations, Edgar Allan Poets has a strong following across the globe. Following the surreal sound of ‘Last Dance’, we have their new track ‘Clepsydra’ – I think I already said that.

Unlike the upbeat, head-banging ‘Last Dance’, the Poets adopt a slower, steadier and more intimate approach in ‘Clepsydra’. While there is a deeper tone to their melody, their distinctive intensity is not lacking in any way. Showcasing their eclecticism, the duo combines dynamic guitars, drums and husky vocals in a profound ballad ala melodic metal. The intricate, but simultaneously simplistic arrangement allows the elements to act as a unified foundation but also have “some fun” in their individual ways. I particularly enjoy the soul-stirring instrumental crescendo immediately followed by a dip into sonic despair.

Once again exploring the grittier and darker areas of life, ‘Clepsydra’ is a glimpse at human fragility. The deep, bold vocals prompt feelings of desperation, pain and apathy; however, there is a lingering sense of enlightenment in the passionate situation. Closing on the concept of normality and reality, the poignant lyricism explores what each life means to each person and how it can end. Encased in mystery, secrecy and vulnerability, Edgar Allan Poets build a kaleidoscopic soundscape of philosophical existentialism. Can you expect anything less?

“Time passes inexorably on our lives and we try to learn to live every day a little more. Perhaps one day we will understand everything as the wave breaking on the shore or as a shooting star that dissolves as it enters the atmosphere. Each grain of sand in the ‘Clepsydra’ is a second of our lives, I wish you that your life path is as beautiful as mine.” – Edgar Allan Poets on ‘Clepsydra’

In addition to their single, Edgar Allan Poets released an official music video for ‘Clepsydra’. Due to certain lighting effects that can cause seizures in people with photosensitive epilepsy, I was unable to view the video. You can, however, view the video HERE.

For more from Edgar Allan Poets check out their official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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