Ioana Vivisenco – Silver (2020)

Ioana Vivisenco is bending metaphors to get her message across in her latest single ‘Silver’. Using the precious metal which is beautiful and valuable but toxic in certain forms, she looks at the obstacles of hidden weakness. To the electro-pop soundscape, she overcomes these weaknesses while looking at the benefits and drawbacks of weakness.

The single draws on her personal experience of bodily weakness but turns this into music that everyone can relate to. While Vivisenco studied bel canto and piano at the National College of Arts and earned a BA in acting, she chose to follow her passion for music. Enriching our playlists with a dark sound, she twines her electro-pop tones into an enthralling thread.

‘Silver’ uses a progressive opening to slowing draw you into the rich soundscape. The deep beats gently push against your ribcage while the higher electronic tones wisp around you. Woven into the depth of the soundscape is a sombre piano line that tugs at your heartstrings. There is an atmospheric feeling to the music making you think of a swirling colour palette that lightly wisps against your skin.

From the depths of the melody, Vivisenco’s ethereal vocals rise as a haunting thread. Her voice pulls you from the waves of the melody as she works through the lyrics. Her performance has a raw feeling that helps you connect with the lyrics and message of the track. As you are drawn into the challenges of the lyrics, you are filled with resilience and a sense that the bad in life can also be what makes you stronger.

Ioana Vivisenco uses ‘Silver’ as a metaphor for the challenges of life and overcoming weakness while wrapping you in her alternative pop soundscape. She combines ethereal vocals with a richly woven sound for an enthralling listening experience.

Find out more about Ioana Vivisenco on her Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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