Eva No – You Don’t Know (2021)

Eva No took us on a spine-chilling dip into the recesses of our souls with her single ‘100%’. She continues to sweep listeners up in emotion with ‘You Don’t Know’ which is a melody-driven pop song. Using catchy melodics and melancholic vibes, the single will have you hooked from start to finish while making you want to dive into Eva No’s back catalogue.

While primarily a pop song, Eva No draws on a range of styles and genres to create her sound. After spending years honing her talents, her music is gaining her a loyal following and listening to this track you can easily see why. Whether it leaves you steeped in emotion or humming the melody to yourself throughout the day, it is a song that you are unlikely to forget any time soon.

‘You Don’t Know’ pushes you into the melody from the first second with a combination of deep beats and lighter synths. This combination of tones creates a layered melody that brings the underlying emotions of the single to life. The deep tones of the beats are a wave of melancholy that marches through your senses while the higher tones are a sprinkling of light in the future. It is a moving and poignant mix that has you both floating to the sound and bopping to the beats. All of this is wrapped up in a tinge of 80s vibes while offering a modern hit.

Over this complexly layered melody rests Eva No’s vocals. Her vocals have an electronic edge to them that allows them to merge with the synths. The emotions she threaded into the melody are picked up and enhanced by her performance. While there is a dark touch of melancholy to the track, there is also a defiance in her performance that seems to strengthen something deep in your soul. She is able to connect with the darkest parts of the spirit that we all keep hidden and let us know that we are not alone in what we feel.

Eva No merges melancholy, melodic synths, hidden emotions and bopping beats to create the catchy and easily relatable ‘You Don’t Know’. The fusion of tones and emotions in the melody is picked up by the vocals to create a depth of feeling in the track. This is woven around an arrangement that has you simultaneously floating and moving to the sound.

Find out more about Eva No on her Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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