Eva No – 100% (2021)

Working under the pseudonym Eva No, Swedish singer-songwriter Eva Nordell has a unique, moving and provocative sound. With five tracks and a critically acclaimed debut EP History of Now to her name, Nordell is beginning the new year with the emotive single ‘100%’. Having begun in 2019, this Stockholm-based artist still returns a certain “newbie” status; however, this has not stopped her from gaining global attention on streaming platforms and blogs like Talk About Pop Music, Pop Muzik and Nova Music Blog. The latest addition to her growing discography is ‘100%’.

Penned and produced by Peter Hägerås and Eva Nordell, ‘100%’ is a captivating fling back to the 80s disco with a contemporary tinge to the glittering disco ball. Melding dynamic instrumentation with haunting vocals, Nordell creates a swirl of sound in which one can become lost. Touching on elements of romance and losing oneself in relationships, ‘100%’ has an infectiously upbeat melody; yet, it remains encased in a blanket of obsessiveness.

Rich and warm ‘100%’ is a spine-chilling dip into the recesses of one’s soul. Showcasing her innovativeness as an artist, Nordell moves from the country-pop sound of ‘History of Now’ to an eery cascading disco-pop single. Executing the moving lyricism with heartfelt tenderness, but also cheeky robustness, ‘100%’ places Nordell alongside her iconic disco-pop contemporaries ABBA.

For more from Eva No check out her Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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