Eva Westphal – Hey Americana (2022)

With her Spanglish pop single ‘Hey Americana’, Eva Westphal is drawing us into an experience that many queer women can relate to. Written about men flirting with her and her then-girlfriend at bars, she details the experience with a flair of identity and pride. Her first single with Spanish lyrics, she brings her Latin heritage to her easy pop sound.

While she brings a splash of different pop genres to her music, this was not the style of music she started with. She started writing songs at 13 and completed classic training at Columbia before moving to pop music. This move has seen her performing at renowned venues and events including The Bowery Electric and The New York Songwriter’s Circle.

The plucked tones of an acoustic guitar open ‘Hey Americana’. The cascade of synth tones brings a sparkling tone to the music that increases on the chorus. There is a really lush movement to the music as it transitions from the acoustic tones of the verses to the rolling pop of the chorus. The sparkling richness of the music makes the track undeniably catchy while you move to the rhythm. There is an interestingly light feeling to the music that makes you think of happy times spent with someone you love. Listening to this melody, you can easily see why this track went viral on Tik Tok.

As the acoustic guitar notes draw you in, Westphal’s vocals have a tentative feeling through the opening. Her performance grows in power as she pulls you further into the story of the lyrics. The movement from English to Spanish is perfect as it flows with the story of the lyrics. While the Spanish lyrics are the unwanted advances of men in a bar, there is a really catchy vibe to them that makes you want to sing along. This is a song that is sure to get stuck in your brain and you are going to find yourself singing it at random times. Through the catchy flows, there is a really relatable tale woven into the single.

Eva Westphal tells a relatable story through the endlessly catchy movements of ‘Hey Americana’ which flows perfectly from English to Spanish. The acoustic guitar draws you into the single before the synths fill you with some good vibes. Westphal’s vocals gain power as the single progresses and will get the lyrics stuck in your brain as she fills you with the desire to sing along.

Find out more about Eva Westphal on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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