Everything But the Everything ft Golden Plates – In Love… Again (2021)

With the dark and powerful ‘Denials’, Everything But the Everything dove headfirst into anguish and despair. He is now opening the post-punk throttle while adding an injection of new wave for their single ‘In Love… Again’. Featuring Golden Plates, the single combines Everything But the Everything’s atmospheric synths with the distinct energy of Golden Plates.

Woven into this blend of sound is the story of the moment you meet an incredible person and you sabotage the connection to avoid a broken heart. Engaging with a touch of cynicism, the single balances bright electronic tones with dark and driving movements. It comes together as a collaboration that leaves you wanting more and wishing that the two artists will work together again in the future.

‘In Love… Again’ has your head bopping to the rhythm from the first moment. There is a haziness to the movement that merges perfectly with the drive of the drums. It is an interesting mixture of late-night tones and hazy atmospherics. As the single continues, the drums make you want to air-drum to them while the electronic tones warble through the higher levels. The complex lines of the music that all dance together in a serpentine undulation stand out on their own while complementing each other. You can feel the touches of new wave resting over the drive of post-punk sensibilities that is a perfect sonic convergence of the two artists.

The dark tendencies of both artists are highlighted in the vocals that seem to creep out from the shadows and tug at your clothing. The brightness that often glints in Everything But the Everything’s music is felt in the latter moments of the single but seem to be coming in from a distance. The lyrics are a swirl of thoughts and emotions as they draw you into the moment when you meet someone special. There is a tentative feeling of wanting to fall in love again that is tempered by the resolve of not being hurt again as you had been in the past. This all comes to a close with a rather resigned knowledge that regardless of your efforts to sabotage the opportunity of the meeting, you are falling in love again.

Everything But the Everything and Golden Plates combine their sounds for a dark, driving and atmospheric tale of special people and self-sabotage in ‘In Love… Again’. The music is a complex dance of melodic elements that highlight the musicality of both artists. The vocals have a touch of darkness and tentative feelings that turns into resigned acceptance of emotions.

Find out more about Everything But the Everything on his website, Instagram and Spotify.

Find out more about Golden Plates on their Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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