Evie Ember – Crazy in My Mind (2021)

Being trapped in a dangerous situation can be very isolating and you might feel that you are all alone. If you are feeling this way, Evie Ember is here to tell you that you are not alone through her single ‘Crazy in My Mind’. Using metaphorical lyrics, she highlights the terrifying and paralysing feeling of being stuck in a nightmare whether a toxic relationship or a spiral of mental health problems.

Through the pop tones of the single, she connects with people helping them recognise the situation they are in and process the nightmare. No newcomer to the music industry, Ember has performed at Australian festivals for the past 14 years, had a critically acclaimed cabaret show and worked with some iconic entertainment companies. Now, she is turning her experience into engaging singles that help you feel connected with others.

‘Crazy in My Mind’ shivers and vibrates in the opening before transitioning into a smooth flow. There are clicking tones that float over the chattering deeper tones. The melody has an amazing movement to it that keeps you engaged and guessing about what is to come. This is perfect when you take the lyrics into account as the second-guessing of what is to come is similar to the situations detailed in the lyrics. While you are slightly out of step, the melody does have you moving to its rhythm without any effort.

Ember’s vocals are ultra-smooth in the opening and only gain power as the single continues. In the lead-up to the chorus, you are swept up in the power of her voice before you bounce to her flow. Her silken tones add this edge to the lyrics which are metaphorical poetry with just the right amount of ambiguity. This ensures that you can connect with the single regardless of the situation you are in.

Evie Ember wraps you in metaphorical poetry while you ride an ever-changing soundscape in ‘Crazy in My Mind’. Through the ups and downs of the single, you are drawn to a connection and sense that you are not alone in your struggles. With a silken vocal performance and enthralling melody, Ember helps you assess situations, process everything and find the support you need to get through.

Find out more about Evie Ember on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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