Evin – Fears of Letting Go (2022)

Accepting change and embracing new paths in our lives can be exciting, but they also bring a welling of anxiety. With his single ‘Fears of Letting Go’, Evin reflects on the fear and anxiety that comes with changes in life. As his debut single, this song introduces his mixture of 80s pop and modern indie-pop while highlighting the catchy vibes of his music.

With a movement that will have you singing this song long after it has ended, Evin gets you excited for what is still to come. While his passion for music was ignited when his dad introduced him to the sound of Thin Lizzy, Evin has honed his craft in the vibrant London creative community. After starting a YouTube account for fun, he has generated tens of thousands of views and is ready to take the next steps in his musical career.

‘Fears of Letting Go’ uses the rich tones of the saxophone to grab your attention as it flows through the opening. The saxophone line drops for a rich wash of contemporary soul and pop. The melody is the perfect hybrid of tones as you sink into the richness of soul with a light dusting of 80s pop. That ripping saxophone line enters on the tails of the chorus allowing the melody to soar on the currents of power ballads. It is an amazing combination of tones and really lets you know that Evin has a lot to offer. The balancing of the different melodic elements is masterful and brings the best bits of retro tones to modern sensibilities.

After you ride into the single on the back of the saxophone, Evin’s vocals are a smooth slide against your ears. His performance brings another touch of retro tones as he pleas through the lyrics. This rises into the chorus that is sure to stick in your brain for a while. His performance is unbelievably relatable as he considers the knowledge that you need to move on but feel the creeping sense of fear and anxiety over this. The passion he has for what he does is woven wonderfully into the performance and builds his presence which can be clearly felt throughout the single.

Evin uses his debut single ‘Fears of Letting Go’ to consider the fear and anxiety that creeps up on us when we embrace changes in our lives. The music is a delightful blend of retro 80s pop and contemporary soul which brings some modern touches. His performance is emotive and passionate as he relays the relatable lyrics.

Find out more about Evin on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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