Alan Dreezer – Time Stand Still (2022)

With his single ‘Equal’, Alan Dreezer had us all reassessing the world based on his call for kindness and equality. He is now turning inward with his single ‘Time Stand Still’ as he contemplates good and bad moments in life. Through this contemplation, he explores the urge to be able to stop time to stay in good moments forever.

This exploration turns into a look at how our memory is all we have of the various moments in our lives. Using a rush of contemporary pop tinged with gospel vibes, Dreezer captures the moment when a memory of a good or bad moment floods your senses. The sixth and final single from his album H E A L E D, it continues to set the tone of what is to come.

Dreezer’s vocals grab your attention and draw you into the exploration of ‘Time Stand Still’. His voice is captivating from the first word as you are dropped into a good memory. This is tempered with the slow march of time as you know the moment will pass because you have immersed yourself into a memory. There is a rather theatrical feeling to the performance with Dreezer standing in centre stage. Throughout the single, he invokes new memories that you can easily fall into. These memories are mostly good, but there is a bittersweet edge to them as you know the good emotions are temporary. It is a really powerful contemplation of the fleeting nature of time and how we can often only appreciate what we have in retrospect. The chorus brings a yearning to hold on to those good moments and really tugs at your heart while making you want to sing along.

Beneath the powerful contemplations, is a very delicate piano line that shines down on Dreezer’s vocals in the opening. The delicate piano line gains richness as the theatrical vibes of the single come into their own. The backing vocals leading to the chorus bring a touch of gospel to the melody while the beats clap and shuffle. There is a shimmer to the music that comes through from the second verse that brings the swirl of memories. Each note enhances the emotions of Dreezer’s performance and the memories of the lyrics.

With a touch of theatrical flair, Alan Dreezer contemplates good memories and the fleeting touch of time through the captivating ‘Time Stand Still’. His vocals draw you in before the delicate melody rises below his performance. There is a bittersweet edge to the happy memories of the melody that is made powerful by the sophistication of his vocal performance.

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