Exxyle – The Cancer Redux (2021)

Exxyle is bringing the message he first sent into the world six years ago with ‘The Cancer’ back to life using ‘The Cancer Redux’. Feeling that the track was not impactful enough, he has turned the energy up for this rendition. Packed with the message that we all need to hear and interpret on our own, the single blasts into you with a pulse of metal and alternative rock.

Through the single, he has us reflecting on life while moving without a care in the world to his sound. While Frank Loots, the man behind the music, has been working actively yet intermittently on his music for the last six years, he recently took a head-first dive into it. Leaving his job, he dedicated himself to music full-time and this energy is clear in this track.

The vocals that open ‘The Cancer Redux’ whisper through you like it is a tendril of darkness rising from the depths. They really grab your attention before the blast of hard rock and metal guitars pulse through your senses. The vocals have a great punch to them as they speak to you from the depths before turning into a melodic metal surge. The punch of the vocals thrusts the energy of the lyrics into your veins as it makes you want to stand up and fight. There is an important message in the lyrics that we should all consider as it pushes against the establishment and has you standing up for yourself. The powerful movement of Exxyle’s vocals also make you want sing along on the chorus.

Beneath the whispered vocals and flowing chorus is a vibrating energy of rock guitars. There is a feeling of control at times before the melody blasts through you. The guitars are so powerful as the soar through you soul and fill you with the fighting energy of the lyrics. There is no way to stay still while you listen to the melody, particularly on the chorus. While the melody has a rise and fall that brings a drop for the verses and a blast on the chorus, there remains a feeling of potential outbursts at all times.

With the soaring guitars and infectious vocals of ‘The Cancer Redux’, Exxyle has you pulsing with energy and singing along. The vocals move from whispers in the dark to a soaring flow of melodic rock that cannot be denied. Under this is a melody that moves from constrained to soaring enhancing the energy of the single.

Find out more about Exxyle on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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