Marco Ruggiero – Angioletto Particolare (2021)

The last year and a half have been difficult for a lot of people and, for many, the struggle continues. Marco Ruggiero is here to offer a little hope in this difficult time with his single ‘Angioletto Particolare’. With a flow of soft rock, he brings a beautiful message and vibe to your ears while painting a picture of delicate angels all around us.

Drawing on years of experience, Ruggiero creates soulful music that sticks with you for long after the sound has faded. After learning to play the guitar as a child, he studied at the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Antwerp. With classical training, he started his first band in 1993 and has been steadily building a repertoire and back catalogue ever since. Each of his releases, including this one, aims to bring hope and a sense of confidence in life to listeners.

‘Angioletto Particolare’ bubbles to life and takes you along for the ride from the first second of the track. There is such a bright energy to the music that it lifts your spirits and fills you with good vibes without you even realising. The initial bubble of sound relaxes for a smoother melodic flow that is utterly beautiful. The soft rock flow comes through in the guitar that soars in the background while the keys shine with a neon light. As you tap your toes to the beat and sway to the rhythm, your spirit will feel full of light and happiness. When the music sinks for a soft moment, you can’t help but smile and relax into the sound before you fly with the guitar.

Weaving between the neon lights of the melody is Ruggiero’s vocals. While the lyrics are in Italian, the message of the song shine through his performance. There is a rough edge to his vocals that brings a touch of Eros Ramazzotti only to be eclipsed by the smoothness that is purely Ruggiero. As you fall into the Italian lyrics, his performance brings a shining light of hope and good vibes to your soul. Even if you don’t know the language, you are going to feel the need to sing along.

Marco Ruggiero pumps your vein full of good vibes that put a smile on your face and have you relaxing into the neon lights of ‘Angioletto Particolare’. The melody is captivating as it spills across dark streets to light a path to good vibes. While the vocals are in Italian, you will feel the urge to sing along and feel the positivity of the track flow into you.

Find out more about Marco Ruggiero on his website, Facebook, Twitter and Spotify.

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