Cole Stock – Leave Me in a Heartbeat (2021)

When we hit a rough patch in life, we all need the comfort that our loved ones can provide. Giving listeners a taste of this comfort, Cole Stock packs his single ‘Leave Me in a Heartbeat’ with reassurance, love and community. The acoustic track gently builds with euphoria to fill you with the warmth of the emotions and power of the music.

Moving from country-pop to soft rock, the track showcases Stock’s musicality which has already landed him hours of playtime on radio. While touching on some heavier influences than his previous releases, there is something essentially Stock in the track that continues the sound that landed him on Hotel Chocolat’s In Store playlist. Using a constant introduction of new instrumentation, he surrounds himself with the people who bring the comfort and reassurance we all need.

The toe-tapping beat that opens ‘Leave Me in a Heartbeat’ is undeniable and creates the perfect foundation for the acoustic guitar. There is a real country-pop feeling to the melody at the start of the track that hooks you. The beats get your shoulders moving and your head bopping to the rhythm of the track while carrying an understated energy. The melody has a controlled yet free feeling to it that swings into the soaring of a soft rock guitar. While there is a touch of youthful energy woven into the music that is all Stock, there is also a maturity to the sound that is wonderful to hear. It is a really compelling melody that sweeps you into the emotions of the vocals.

Stock’s vocals shine against the steady beat of the melody as he slowly builds the emotions of the track. As he leads you to the chorus, he slings a friendly arm around your shoulders. Through this rather companionable flow, he fills you with the sense that there are people who will always be there when you need them. This perfectly brings the euphoric energy of the track that puts a smile on your face and wraps you in the warmth of the comfort loved ones provide.

Cole Stock slowly builds a sense of warmth and euphoria that comes from knowing someone will be with you no matter what in ‘Leave Me in a Heartbeat’. The steady movement of the melody carefully leads you to the warm emotions of the vocals. There is a rise to the single that makes you happy and fills your veins with a sense of comfort and love.

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