Fans Interview Bands: Offended By Everything

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It’s that time of the month; time for our Fans Interview Bands feature.  The time when we give you the reigns and ask bands questions you (the fan) have sent us!  Keeping it Texan, our glance has moved to the sensational pop-punkers Offended By Everything.  Here are the top ten questions fans asked us to ask these guys, along with their responses.

FANS:  What’s your favourite song to perform?

OBE:  Traditionally, it’s been ‘Let Go’!  It brings out an energy in all of us that’s hard to duplicate.

FANS:  What bands are you listening to at the moment?

OBE:  We have a show with Between You and Me next week, so we’ve been really into them lately.

FANS:  What’s your songwriting process like?

OBE:  Great question.  Typically, Jarrett writes the music and then works with our producer Scott to tighten it up.  Then Zak and Scott create melodies and lyrics to match!

FANS:  Why did you decide to begin making music?

OBE:  We’ve all had a music background and most of us have played metal, but in our own time we all listened to pop-punk and knew that this was what we wanted to do.

FANS:  If you could perform a gig anywhere in the world, where could you go?

OBE:  London, Chicago, Boston, Toronto seems to be the common responses.  We will see some next year!

FANS:  How long do you rehearse before a gig?

OBE:  We rehearse every single week like clockwork, regardless if we have a gig or not.  Being tight is so important to a good show.

FANS:  What advice do you have for new musicians?

OBE:  Promo, promo, promo.  If you aren’t willing to put in the promo hours you must, it will never work.  You can be an amazing musician, but making it takes much more than being good.  It’s hard work.

FANS:  Would you ever make a Christmas album?

OBE:  Haha!  I doubt it but never say never.

FANS:  Do you get nervous at gigs?

OBE:  We always have nerves and get ourselves hyped.  Honestly, at our shows, we always get in the crowd and sing all the other bands’ songs.  It makes the night much more enjoyable.

FANS:  What’s your favourite type of candy?

OBE:  Everything but Candy Corn.  Bring it!

Thanks to the guys from Offended By Everything for getting involved in Fans Interview Bands and answering your questions!  To enjoy more of OBE’s awesomeness, you can engage with them via their Facebook or Twitter.

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