Kristopher – Borrowed Time (2021)

Using the moniker KRISTOPHER, Kristopher Houck brings an impassioned and vulnerable sound to the masses. Using his music as self-reflection, the US-based singer-songwriter hopes to inspire others with introspective tunes. Featured in News Break and Indie Music Center, the psychology graduate fuses classical training with contemporary informality. Following his debut single ‘Liar’, Houck brings us the acoustic ‘Borrowed Time’.

Sophomore singles have great expectations. Will it be as good as the debut? Does it cement the artist’s sound? ‘Borrowed Time’ not only exceeds expectations but showcases Kristopher’s evolution. Yes, it is only his second single but ‘Borrowed Time’ and ‘Liar’ are worlds apart. Both adhere to an acoustic-inspired sound focusing on the heart-melting vocals, but there is a depth in each prompting the track’s individuality.

I have a tendency to become lost in music and Kristopher’s music effortlessly carries one off on a cloud. Despite the basic instrumentation, ‘Borrowed Time’ is a wide-ranging kaleidoscopic soundscape. The power of Kristopher’s golden vocals enchant one and it is the piano that holds you in a comfortable bubble.

While the track has an endearing tenderness, the song has a lingering melancholic insightfulness. Filled with poignant lyricism, ‘Borrowed Time’ touches on “the emotional struggle of a fabricated love”. It seems the barebones structure only enhances the sentimentality of the single delicately touching on unspoken emotions.

Overall, I really enjoy Kristopher’s work. The incorporation of the classical piano is a big draw for me; however, it is the fragility of the work that makes it truly beautiful. I can’t wait for more from this artist.

For more from Kristopher check out his official website, Instagram and Spotify.

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