Far West – A to Z (2021)

With summer vibes and nostalgia, Far West had us soaking up some positive vibrations while blaring their music in ‘Make It Up’. Fortunately for all of us, this is something that he is continuing with his single ‘A to Z’. Using a hazy, synth-pop melody, he fills us with easy rock-pop tones that are so easy to fall in love with.

To create the single, Far West worked with producer Ben Etter, who he credits for taking the single to a whole new level. Recorded and produced mostly at home, the track brings the authenticity of sound that his last easily picked up. As his eighth release as Far West, this track shows that he is simply moving from strength to strength with no sign of stopping.

‘A to Z’ fills you with sunny vibes from the first moment. There is a real beach feeling to the track that makes you think of the sun peeking over a watery horizon. The rolling beats draw you into the rather gentle movement of the melody. You can easily relax into the sound and feel the positive vibes sink into your skin. All of this is combined with some hazy layers that act as warm air washing over your skin and lulling you into a peaceful mood. You can’t really help but feel relaxed and happy as you listen to the music.

While you sink into the melody, the vocals bring a touch of nostalgia to the soundscape. There is an airiness to them that makes them feel like they are fluttering on the breeze. The vibes from the vocals are enhanced by the good feelings of the melody and effortlessly put a smile on your face. Through the performance, Far West fills you with a sense of authenticity that opens a connection between you and the single. There is something so relatable to the track that hooks into you.

Far West fills you with summery vibes and positive emotions as you sink into the relaxed soundscape of ‘A to Z’. The melody is warm and easy allowing you to sink back into it and float on waves of happy vibes. The vocals are airy yet easy to connect with as they shine with the authenticity of his style.

Find out more about Far West on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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