Far West – Make It Up (2021)

Forgetting the bad and steeping yourself in the good can be rather difficult for a lot of people. Fortunately, Far West is here with the soundscape for these moments in ‘Make It Up’. A youthful single, it brings a summer vibe to your ears mixed with a touch of nostalgia. The pop tones will definitely set this track as one for any summer road trip playlist.

A one-man band, Far West recorded and mixed this single in his garage. Started as a synth project in 2019, Ryan Settles draws inspiration from acts including M83, Day Wave and The 1975. Combined with his own musicality, the feel-good vibes of his tracks will have you smiling and feeling better about everything.

‘Make It Up’ opens with serious summer beach vibes that wash over you with positivity and happiness. There is a lightness to the melody that lifts your spirits and frees you from any stress lingering on your shoulders. The music has a create texture from the really deep beats to the moving synths. There are a lot of tones that come and go throughout the melody that make you think of the open road on a warm day and the wind whipping through your hair. There is no way to avoid the serious summer vibes of the track that have you sinking into the warm rays of the sun.

The warm summer vibes continue with the slightly hazy vocals. Settles’ performance rests over the melody like a haze of sunlight resting over the ocean. While he hovers over the melody, the positive feelings of his performance bleeds into the warm melody for a wonderful listening experience. The lyrics have a touch of nostalgia but this is tinted with good vibes and the carefree feeling of a summer spent with people you love.

Far West fills your senses with a youthful and warm summer vibe through the textured tones of ‘Make It Up’. The melody is all warm summer days and long summer road trips. This is complemented by the vocals that bring a hint of ocean air and hazy sun to your ears.

Find out more about Far West on his website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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