Fatal Nightmare – Rotten Apple (2021)

Every day there is more and more bad news that makes us think that the world is rotten to the core. This is something that Fatal Nightmare has picked up on and turned into the thrashing industrial metal of ‘Rotten Apple’. Diving into dark days and the seemingly endless spiral of rotten acts that decay society, he has you riding intense waves and turning a new view on the world around you.

A one-man band, Fatal Nightmare is the brainchild of Omega Kane who masterfully weaves the art of horror stories into metal sounds. Drawing on inspiration from alternative giants Rammstein, SlipKnot and Psyclon Nine, he unleashes the nightmare residing in our brains. If you are looking for a track that you can easily go crazy to while unleashing your frustration, this is definitely the one to listen to.

‘Rotten Apple’ pulses through you with a careful industrial tone that sweeps into deep metal guitars. The thrumming pace of the guitars gets your head bopping to the music while the industrial tones fill the lower levels. There is an amazing balance between the melodic element that builds a dark wave feeling as it crashes around through your chest. The chorus is a rise of metal goodness that brings a touch of death metal to the darkness of the single. As the waves of the music wash over you, you are drawn further and further down the rabbit hole of darkness and decay.

While the melody combines metal and darkwave for an irresistible sound, the vocals scream through the ether. The vocals ride into your spirit on the edges of the melody to wrap their death metal tendrils around your soul. There is a wonderful caress to the vocals as they lure you further into the darkness while lifting the veil and showcasing the rotten core of the centre of the world. There is a passionate call to the vocals that we should all take heed of. While there is a message you need to listen for, the vocals are so engaging that they make you want to jump around in a mosh pit and lose yourself to the darkness of the single.

Fatal Nightmare lures you into the darkness of decay and traps you in the rabbit hole of the engaging journey of ‘Rotten Apple’. The melody sweeps you up with industrial tones that turn into pure metal magic. There is a darkness to the vocals that swirl around you and lead you further into Fatal Nightmare’s lair that you never really want to leave.

Find out more about Fatal Nightmare on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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