Samantha Sharpe – The Thrill Of The Chase (2021)

One of the more interesting and amusing details of singer-songwriter Samantha Sharpe’s music career is that being in a fandom is what initially sparked her interest in becoming a musician. When at a conference, Sharpe sang karaoke and spoke to cast members of the television show about music resulting in her pursuing this career. Inspired by the likes of Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift, the Australia-based singer-songwriter has contemporary pop in her sound; however, country, rock and folk influences add that twinge extra making her songs genre-defying. The latest addition to her discography is ‘The Thrill Of The Chase’.

Opening for artists like Sarah McLeod, Steve Kilbey, The Chantoozies and Allan Caswell, Samantha Sharpe has skill when it comes to performing, but what about recording? Using a DIY approach to music production, all her music is a solo effort; however, ‘The Thrill Of The Chase’ is a collaborative project with producer/engineer Ross Caygill. Regular lockdowns delayed the creation of this track, but Sharpe persisted and I’m so glad she did.

Following her well-received single ‘Home’ (read our review here), Sharpe melds elements of pop and folk in ‘The Thrill Of The Chase’. While there is an old-school style to some of her songs, this new track brings a modern-day vibe to the song. Not only is this vibe in the melody combining guitars with keys and powerful drumming, but also in the tone and pace of the vocals. Oddly enough, while Sharpe has a strong attitude or vibe to the track, ‘The Thrill Of The Chase’ has a simplistic quality enhancing its stirring nature.

The toe-tapping feel to this heartfelt song will capture your attention, but it is the emotional lyricism that increases its intimacy. Using a personal narrative, Sharpe touches on issues of perfectionism, prioritising and independence to “get things done right the first time”. We all wait around for things to happen, but Sharpe is not that type of person and ‘The Thrill Of The Chase’ represents this mindset. She shares that “I’ve always found that if I want something done, I end up having to do it myself and I realise now that maybe that’s what I should have been doing all along. I won’t wait for a knight anymore; I’ve got this.”

Soft and languid, ‘The Thrill Of The Chase’ is soothing without any urgency; however, the concept of urgency is woven into the tapestry of music. With its chilled-out style but “do it now” message, ‘The Thrill Of The Chase’ has optimism, hopefulness, and empowerment from the first to last note.

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