Kimerica – Coro Per La Fine Del Mondo (2021)

With her single ‘Coro Per La Fine Del Mondo’, Kimerica is filling our ears with undulating tones that thread darkness into the glitter of new light. Using a nocturnal energy, she tells the story of an encounter that borders the supernatural and is only ended by the coming dawn. Her lyrics shine with a dark-pop sheen while drawing you into her wildly imaginative style.

Drawing on the influence of club music, she artfully weaves electronic tones around dark-pop sounds for a slightly experimental feeling. A true chimaera of the musical world, she blends genres and constructs new foundations for her unique sound. Singing and producing her music herself, she created this track with her computer and microphone alone.

‘Coro Per La Fine Del Mondo’ builds through the opening with an interesting movement. There is a bass that thrums through your skin and pulls you into the nighttime feeling of the track. The electronic tones dance over the thrumming and zap into life for a dark neon dance vibe. As the single progresses, your muscles are filled with coiled energy that is waiting to be unleashed. The melody is packed with interesting movements that are utterly captivating. While interesting, each element merges with others to form an irresistible flow that wraps around your senses and keeps you in place. As the single comes to an end, you can feel the gentle light of dawn twinkling through the electronic tones as it chases the dark encounter away.

Against the dark backdrop of the vocals flow like a hypnotising chant. While the vocals are in Italian, the movement of Kimerica’s vocals bring the dark, almost supernatural, vibe of the track to life. The backing vocals swirl around her voice to form an interesting depth to the sound. There are some interesting vocal inclusions that add to the experimental edge of the track. As the single progresses, there is a tension that builds through the vocals that is undeniable and you can only join them for the ride.

Kimerica swirls darkness and supernatural elements together with an experimental edge for the chanting movement of ‘Coro Per La Fine Del Mondo’. The music captures you from the first second with a building feeling that leads you to a glimmer of light. While the vocals are in Italian, you don’t need to know the language to get lost in the performance.

Find out more about Kimerica on her Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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