Fellow Feeling – Dig (2020)

When friends Michael LaRocco (lead guitar), Ryan Albrecht (vocals, rhythm guitar) Chris Prestamo (drums, keys) and Dan LaRocco (bass guitar) began playing together at church, Fellow Feeling was born. This passion project turned into something more as the band started to invest more time and energy into their recordings and performances. Their passion is clear in their single ‘Dig’.

The song looks at co-dependency from the perspective of someone seeing another struggle with an issue they have overcome. It conveys the feelings of trying your hardest to help them find a way out. The high energy track is an interesting look at the harm caused to ourselves by fighting too hard to save others.

‘Dig’ sets a sombre tone in the opening that is only enhanced by the driving drumbeat. This beat gets a kick of energy that leads you to some very engaging guitar lines. The melody has this anthemic feeling to it that rises over you. The arrangement is great because it leads you gently through the verses only to drive through you in the chorus.

While the anthemic melody gets you into the vibe of the track, Albrecht’s vocals lift you up. His emotive performance builds the picture of struggling with issues. However, it is the chorus that really hits you with the idea that you could bury yourself while trying to help others. Combining his performance with the lyrics leaves you with a poignant tale that is captivating while being somewhat heartbreaking at the same time.

Fellow Feeling uses all their passion to paint the sombre yet energetic picture of ‘Dig’. The track combines deep lyrics with an engaging melody and captivating vocals. Together this leaves you with a sense of the true essence of the band and what they have to offer.

Find out more about Fellow Feeling on their Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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