Wotts – 97 Oakleys (2021)

Wotts is continuing to blend genres with their new single ’97 Oakleys’. The fusion soundscape we heard from the band with ‘Time Check’ is taking on more pop than hip-hop this time around. With a hint of 80s nostalgia, their latest single shows that the duo goes where inspiration leads them. It also highlights the fact that the band is not one to the boxed in by genres.

While the single continues a departure from their usual sound, it brings the focus more to the vibe of the music than the genre. It also has a special place for the band as it allowed them to be face-to-face again when they recorded the music video. With captivating vibes and a melding of influences, the single will have you grooving to the vibes of the band and forgetting all about genres.

The plucky opening ’97 Oakleys’ comes at you with a slight distortion before you get washed by the full layered melody. There are a lot of elements converging to create the melody. Light bells tinkle in the high levels while the synths form a deep river of music. Through the synths, you can hear a light touch of the 80s that brings a wave of nostalgia to the track. However, this is a light layer that is woven into the more modern movements of the music. The guitar line that soars out of nowhere is a wonderful addition to the more electronic soundscape.

Jayem’s vocals are a light layer that floats between the melodic elements. As his voice cuts through the melody, it feels like he is standing still while the melody rushes past. This is great because you are able to hold onto the vocals while getting the full effect of the music. There is a light touch of echo to the vocals that match the textured melody.

Wotts is taking a different approach with their single ’97 Oakleys’ as they move to a more pop soundscape. Using a layered melody, they incorporate a light dusting of 80s nostalgia with soaring guitars and rich synths. The vocals stand as a pillar against the wash of the music allowing you to get the full effect of their fusion soundscape.

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