Finn Forster – Lockdown B-Sides (2020)

Hailing from industrial Teeside, Finn Forster has built a solid name for himself through his combination of a wide range of influences. In 2019, he hit the ground running with his debut single with his second becoming a favourite anthem for his local fans. He is now back with his most honest work to date, his debut EP Lockdown B-Sides.

The EP is packed with authentic vocals, atmospheric guitars and soaring melodies. Drawing on indie-pop with heavy 60s and Brit-pop influences, each song looks at current events and personal perspectives. The EP is a completely DIY project and was produced under UK lockdown restrictions.

The EP opens with ‘Four Walls’ which is a soft look at current events, determination and perseverance. The song has a simple piano and guitar melody that elevates the emotive vocals. There is a sense of hope in the song that threads through Forster’s performance and seeps into you. It is a great insight into a mind that is hopeful for the future.

‘There’s Still Room for You’ has a classic tone to the melody as it winds through the perspective of someone post-breakup. The lyrics have a passive-aggressive edge to them which plays interestingly against the sad vocals. The interplay on this song is relatable and the guitars that float in and out add a melancholic longing. While there is a yearning in this song, there is also a note of acceptance and the chance to move forward.

‘Galahad’ wraps you in an atmospheric guitar before taking you on a lyrical journey. The melody of the track is relatively simple, but that creates the perfect platform for Forster’s powerful vocals. As the song looks at appreciating the small things in life it also reminiscences on what has been taken for granted. This smooth and emotive track will grip your heart and stick with you for days after you hear it.

‘Butterfly Man’ covers the situation where you want to desperately have one last conversation with someone. This is a heart-wrenching track that is full of desperate vocals and longing for something that cannot happen. The vocal performance is authentic and honest while cutting through you with the deep emotions you can hear in every word.

‘Empty Blue’ closes the EP with a hopeful and motivational message. This track has a more uplifting vibe than the others picking you up from the emotional rollercoaster Forster has taken you on. There are a few layers to this track with a melodic guitar-driven rhythm that his vocals wonderfully drape over. The lyrics on this song share a lot of advice and help you move forward through any difficult times.

Finn Forster fills you with emotion and motivation through his honest and authentic music on Lockdown B-Sides. Using his powerful vocals and skilful folk arrangements, he tugs on your emotions while taking you on a lyrical journey. Every song on the EP will stay with you for days and make you want to listen to them again and again.

Find out more about Finn Forster on his Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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