Stafford Galli – We Are Your People (2020)

With a career spanning over 25 years, Stafford Galli fuses folk and rock together to create atmospheric and uplifting sounds. With the line-up of Martin Ferguson, Dom Adams, Gordon Turner, Paul Piercy, Ian West and Julian Jones, the band was voted the second Most Outstanding Band at the Yorkshire Gig Guide Awards 2019. Their latest single ‘We Are Your People’ continues their legacy.

The song was written as a rallying cry in the spirit of community. Looking at supporting each other and the importance of community, the band ultimately promotes the idea of one love culture. While the track visits some old ground, there is something modern and breaking about it.

‘We Are Your People’ draws you in with a concert-style opening. You can almost see the band on a stage before an open field full of people singing the opening lines. This atmospheric opening leads to a driving folk beat that allows each instrument to shine. The fast pace of the melody is captivating and gets you to move. There is an instrumental section that is absolutely wonderful and pumps you up.

Ferguson’s vocals are rasping and soaring as he rallies you with the spirit of the lyrics. The chorus of the track will have you singing along and wanting to get up and do something. The lyrics are uplifting and the overall performance is so full of energy that you can’t help but become engaged.

Stafford Galli gives a powerful rallying cry with ‘We Are Your People’ and cement themselves as the band you will want to see live. The song gets you pumped up and moving while pushing the importance of communities.

Find out more about Stafford Galli on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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