WD-HAN – Steppin’ 11s (2020)

Spencer Barnes (vocals), Cal Henry (guitar) and Lea Barnes (percussion) have studied, practised and learnt for years about how to wrap their music around you. As part of WD-HAN’s Spring of 2020 Quartet, they have been releasing a song a month and are still going strong. Following on from their previous releases including ‘Red Sun’, the final piece of their foundation of life is ‘Steppin’ 11s’.

While the song builds on the lessons from the other releases, this mixture of hard rock and independent thought is not dependent on them. The single is a call to all future-builders with a message that is clear and encouraging. The track has an anthemic feel as it defines this time in history and pushes listeners to become a future-builder.

‘Steppin’ 11s’ opens with a hard rock guitar line that pumps you up for the rest of the track. This leads to a driving drumbeat that makes you move. The melody is full of energy and offers a wild ride reminiscent of Rage Against the Machine. The aggressive rhythm makes you want to turn the volume up and jump around. The immensity of the melody could be overwhelming if the band was not able to execute it with such as a masterful hand.

Barnes’ vocals raise the song to new heights and propel you into the momentum of the track. The vocal performance makes the track anthemic and you will want to sing along. There is something aggressively motivational about the single that makes you consider your place in the world. It also drives you to be aware of the world and how you can make the future a better place than the present.

WD-HAN takes you on a wild anthemic ride with ‘Steppin’ 11s’ using hard rock guitars and pumping vocals. The song gets you moving to the beat while providing the perfect anthem for anyone wanting to do more in the world.

Find out more about WD-HAN on their website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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