Fintan McKahey – Amber (2022)

Known for his brooding, sincere and intimate music, Irish singer-songwriter Fintan McKahey is certainly one of Ireland’s more interesting offerings. With rich vocals and engaging melodies, it is no wonder that McKahey receives positive reviews from critics across the globe. Recently, Hot Press Magazine named him “Hot For 2021” artist naming him as one to watch last year; I say that he is one to watch for this year as well. From his 2020 single ‘Goodbye’ to his 2021 track ‘Lost Balloons’, McKahey has been on our radar. We are happy to announce the release of his latest song ‘Amber’.

Following ‘Lost Balloons’ (read our review here), McKahey adopts a more folk-inspired sound in his most recent single ‘Amber’. Showcasing the beauty of simplistic arrangements, ‘Amber’ has an acoustic arrangement with soft drums, guitars and piano. The thing is, while the instrumentation contributes to a flowing melody, there is a powerful guitar solo bringing an edginess to the song. The movement from rock-inspired guitar riffs to soothing interspersed piano “plink-plonk” highlights McKahey’s innovation and versatility.

Recorded in the newly built Ivy Hill Studios, ‘Amber’ features Kealan Kenny alongside multi-instrumentalist McKahey. Yes, I have to say that McKahey’s melodies are intriguing; however, it is the incorporation of his deep vocals that enhance the beauty of his music. A richness and fullness can be heard, and emotions felt in his dulcet tones, bringing a contemporary edginess that is unsurpassed by artists old and new. It’s, I don’t know, just wow!

Touching on love, life and promising futures, ‘Amber’ is a tribute to McKahey’s partner. He shares that ‘Amber’ is “a love song through and through. I was stuck in a rut for months until my partner and I got the unexpected news that we’re going to have a baby. After that, everything just started flowing. It felt like I finally had something to say again, intensely inspired by awaiting our baby boy…”

So, it’s about love and the optimism that a family brings, but I feel like there is an exploration of human fragility and complexity beneath the positive vibes – then again, that’s just me over-analysing again. All in all, I just have to say that I love ‘Amber’ and hope to hear more from him soon.

For more from Fintan McKahey check out his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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