Track of the Day: The Gulps – Stuck In The City

Anybody who is even just a bit versed in alternative/indie-rock will perk up their ears when the name of Alan McGee – the man behind the legendary Creation Records and man responsible for bringing us bands like Oasis, My Bloody Valentine, and Teenage Fan Club, to name just three. Although McGee was quiet for a while, he seems to be back in full force now with an aptly named It’s Creation Baby imprint. To prove that he hasn’t lost his touch for a great discovery, McGee brings us The Gulps and their ‘Stuck In The City’ single. 

“The best band I’ve signed since Oasis” enthuses McGee, and listening to the song you hear the reasons why. Here, The Gulps sounds like a punkier version of Oasis – upbeat, energetic, and ready to speak their mind. No wonder they were able to impress a certain Mr Noel Gallagher.

Frontman and songwriter, Harry All, says of the single: “These days we’re living I feel society is falling on a deep clean sweep without getting us in torture labs. Our today’s torture labs are advertisement, consuming, social media… a sleepy society advocated to consume drugs, to get likes, to buy online, every day we see how mental health becomes a bigger issue in our daily lives.” Yes, you can hear all that in this hefty slice of power-pop/punk from a band that hails from all four corners of Europe and the Middle East – The Gulps.

For more from The Gulps check out their official website and Spotify.

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