Fintan McKahey – Lost Balloons (2021)

Bringing an ambient vibe to a cinematic soundscape, Ireland-based singer-songwriter Fintan McKahey releases his new single ‘Lost Balloons’, but let’s take a look at McKahey before we go any further. Performing since 2016, Fintan has played gigs with artists like The Scratch, The 4 of Us, Roisin O and Junior Brother. The thing is, while he has an energetic and engaging stage presence the producer finds he is most comfortable in his studio. Since 2019 Fintan has released well-received EPs and singles to an international audience. The latest addition to his discography is ‘Lost Balloons’.

Following his critically acclaimed single ‘Goodbye’ (read our review here), ‘Lost Balloons’ adopts an acoustic-influenced style with a chilled psychedelic vibe. The odd thing is, there is no synth or keys in ‘Lost Balloons’ merely a well-arranged guitar and drum combination. I find this intriguing as the smokiness and heartfelt haziness is completely organic. Perhaps it is Fintan’s distinct hushed vocals that add the cherry on the top in this innovative track.

Innovative and eclectic throughout his discography, Fintan is not to be pigeon-holed with each of his songs showcasing maturity, natural talent and sophistication. According to Fintan, ‘Lost Balloons’ is “…an ode to the slow life, a gentle reminder to take a breath and let life unfold at its own pace.” I can’t agree more that we should have life unravel in its own time and the track’s melody certainly aligns with the message.

Conceptual, perhaps, but also a personal insight into how life is not always controllable. Fintan explores life stressors and exposes how we could live less stressed lives if we merely “go with the flow”. Is this good advice or is it advice that will be lost in our rat-race existence? Either way, the rough vocals meet the harmonic melody to make you relax even if you are completely stressed out at the moment. I really enjoy the tinges of dream-pop in ‘Lost Balloons’ and can’t wait to see what else he has in store.

In addition to the single, Fintan McKahey released an acoustic video of him performing ‘Lost Balloons’. You can see his talent shine through in the video below:

For more from Fintan McKahey check out his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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